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Introducing the Money Mastery for Women podcast, a straight talking, motivational and informative podcast designed to keep you up to date on all things to do with your money, and crafting the financial future of your dreams.'
'As women, it can be a struggle to fit everything in! We know moneys important but where's the time!? This podcast is here to help! 
We get straight to the point. Talking openly, honestly and giving you some tips on how to help your money matter!'
'As a busy mum, businesswoman and wife, Rebecca brings her own experience and truths to this podcast. Helping women master their finances one step at a time (and having a little fun along the way!)'
I believe that wealth should be for everyone not just the ultra wealthy. Join me on this journey of learning on how detached our money emotions and start to gain a wealth of knowledge and understanding on how to become financially secure and independent.
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Aug 2, 2020

Today in the Wealth Series Interview I'm interviewing Julia Bernard-Thompson. 

Julia shares with us her motivation and passion around money and I love Her frank approach to money which is really refreshing.  

The amazing and lovely Julia Bernard-Thompson has a Masters degree in Forensics it was either analyse businesses or analyse crime scenes and let’s just say one of them paid way better than the other. Julia has worked in 7 and 8 Figure public and private sector companies as a corporate analyst. She now brings all of those analytical expertise to her clients to help them cut through the stuff and sell what makes them big money. 

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